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PORTIONS (PORTlet actIONS) es un framework de desarrollo que permite crear portlets JSR-168 de forma similar a la creación de aplicaciones Web usando Struts....
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Remastered Tracks Rockman Zero: Ciel's Memory - Truth of Hero

[01:59] Track #22 In this drama track, Ciel laments the fact that this war was brought about by her own actions, first by creating a carbon copy of X, then by awakening Zero. Now she waits for the battle to end. As Copy X and Zero fight, the copy brags about · 28.09.2010 06:05


European Football Hooligans - Italy v Serbia (Tuesday 12th October 2010)

[07:57] I do not condone football related violence and condemn those who take part in it. Anyone who actively seeks out violence at or around a match should be responsible for their own actions and be willing to suffer the consequences if caught. This video · 13.10.2010 06:26