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Pendiente de análisis

cristians.fullblog.com.ar/post/top-ten-reasons-to-pursue-a-p ...

Pretend (With Lyrics)

[03:33] Pretend By Secondhand Serenade It seems all of these words Couldn't be further from the truth How did I get here? What did I do? Your eyes, telling me lies Making me find myself While you have your agenda A life to pursue So please Let me be free fro · 03.09.2010 05:05


The Parlotones Interview at Abart Zurich 24th October 2010

[07:59] Whether you're a fledgling band, actor, musician, comedian, model or performer, who wants a career in the entertainment business or who is already working but knows just how tough it is -- especially these days -- to pursue your creative dreams, JUMP · 25.10.2010 15:45